“The Standard For Luxury Cabernet”

2021 Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon

The Legend continues! Meet the brand new 2021 Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon! The Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon comes with a rich legacy of critical acclaim. The 2021 vintage lives up to the hype with enticing aromas of fresh black cherry and a slight smokiness that fills your glass. On the palate, flavors evolve with vanilla, ripe dark fruit, roasted coffee & nuances of spice. Well structured and full bodied, this Cabernet has its signature soft tannic finish you’ve come to know and love. This could be our best vintage yet!

  • Sub AVAs

    Paso Robles (Estrella, Creston, Geneseo, Highlands, San Juan Creek, El Pomar District, San Miguel, Templeton Gap, Adelaida)

  • Varietals

    Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Winemaking Notes

    After harvesting the grapes, select vineyard lots were fermented individually in stainless steel tanks for 10-14 days. Extended macerations and carefully managed pump overs enhanced the extraction of color and tannin. The lots were aged separately for 11 months in a combination of 10% new, 25% once used, and 65% two to three times used French Oak. Through a combination of tasting and analytics our best lots were determined, and the initial blend was assembled in late summer of 2022. As a whole, this blend was aged an additional two months in 75% new and 25% once used French Oak. The wine was racked just twice during its cellar life, with the final racking occurring just prior to bottling.

  • Harvest Dates

    9/24 – 9/29, 10/12-10/13, 10/28 – 10/30, 11/8

  • Harvest Notes

    We source our Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon from nine of the eleven districts in the Paso Robles AVA: Each region contributing unique characteristics to the depth of the final wine. The Estrella district known for its loamy and gravely river plain slopes and canyons. Creston, known for its large daily diurnal swings aided by the Templeton Gap maritime breezes that make it to the Creston area by early afternoon each day during the growing season. The high flats of the Paso Robles Highlands are near the eastern borders of the AVA, yet receive cooling breezes each day straight from the coast 45 miles away. San Miguel district has large rolling hills and is situated on ancient river plains’ and riverbanks that produce an intriguing blend of soils with both loam, gravel and calcareous deposits.

Vineyard Notes

Austin and his team know just how unique each part of Paso Robles can be. We seek out the vineyards from all over the Paso Robles AVA that best define Paso’s Cabernet Sauvignon. What you may find surprising is that east of the Salinas River, atop ancient flood plains and sea beds, is where we find the soils that drive the wine quality.

Our region is well-known for its calcareous and limestone soils. We love them…in moderation. We find that a good combination of broken-down calcareous stones, disintegrated bedrock and gravel combined with loamy soils make magic!

Some of our favorite vineyards are located within the Creston District and the Estrella District. Both are on the edges of ancient river beds where rocks wore down and mixed with the alluvial soils from the nearby hills. These special vineyard sites provide not only the right soil types and structure, but the right micro climate of warm days, cooling afternoon winds and cool nights. We thoughtfully direct the farming at theses vineyard sites to ensure the consistent quality of the Austin Hope Cabernet.