Our Favorite Summer BBQ Wines

summer bbq wine

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to break out the grill and gather your friends for an outdoor bbq! There’s nothing quite like a summer bbq in the backyard with good friends, good food, and an even better bottle of wine.

If you’re looking for a great wine for your next summer bbq, let us help!

Certain types of wines tend to go better with different settings, different foods, and different occasions. Champagne, for example, isn’t typically what you would serve at a dinner party, but you would serve it for a special occasion or if you were making mimosas for brunch.

Going along with this sentiment, red wines, which are typically not served chilled, don’t always make the best summer wines, only for the fact that it can be uncomfortable to drink something that’s not chilled on a warm summer night.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a delicious bottle of red wine at your next summer bbq, it just means that you need to take into account many different factors when choosing a bottle of wine for your next gathering.

Delicious Wines Perfect for Summer BBQ’s


Nothing says summer quite like a chilled glass of rosé wine. With its inviting pink hue and light and crisp flavor, rosé is a fantastic choice to beat the heat and pair with grilled foods. Whether you’re grilling juicy chicken kebabs or indulging in succulent watermelon feta salad, a dry rosé will enhance the flavors and add a touch of elegance to your BBQ.

We highly recommend trying a bottle of our Austin Hope Rosé. This rose is grown on the Hope family estate in California and is composed of Grenache and Mourvèdre specifically cultivated for rosé production.

In addition to our Austin Hope Rosé, there are a number of other rosé varietals that would make a great addition to your summer bbq this year!

  • Provence Rosé: From the beautiful Provence region in France, this classic rosé embodies what we love about summer. With delicate notes of strawberry, citrus, and a hint of herbs, Provence rosé strikes a perfect balance between fruity and refreshing.
  • Tempranillo Rosado: Straight from the vineyards of Spain, Tempranillo Rosado offers a incredible red fruit flavors, such as cherry and raspberry. Its crisp finish makes it an excellent companion for grilled shrimp skewers or grilled veggies.
  • Pinot Noir Rosé: Pinot Noir Rosé has a pale pink color and the amazing flavors of red berries and watermelon. Its light body and refreshing feel make it an ideal wine to pair with grilled salmon or tangy BBQ chicken.

White Wines

When the sun is blazing, and the grill is fired up things can get pretty warm. These white wines are known for their cool temperatures, vibrant flavors, and ability to pair well with a variety of grilled dishes. From spicy seafood skewers to delicious grilled corn, a crisp white wine will complement the flavors and provide a nice break from the summer heat.

  • Chardonnay: Chardonnay is one of the most widely recognized white wine varietals in the United States. It offers a range of styles, from crisp and unoaked to rich and buttery. We suggest a lighter, unoaked Chardonnay for a summer BBQ, as it pairs well with grilled chicken, shrimp skewers, or even a fresh caprese salad.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc is another popular white wine in the United States, which is great for your next summer bbq. With notes of citrus, such as grapefruit and lime, along with herbal and grassy undertones, a chilled Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent choice to enjoy with grilled vegetables, seafood, or a nice summer salsa.
  • Riesling: Riesling is another great white wine that is perfect for your next gathering. It offers floral aromas and flavors of ripe peaches, apricots, and honey. For a summer BBQ, a slightly off-dry Riesling can be a delightful accompaniment to grilled sausages, grilled fruit skewers, and grilled chicken.

Red Wines

While red wines are typically thought of as cooler weather wines, there’s nothing that says you can’t drink them at your next summer bbq.

In fact, there are a number of red wine varietals that pair very well with red meats and other foods that you would typically grill at a backyard party. Red wines may not be the most refreshing wines to take in on a hot summer day, but as the sun goes down and the air begins to cool, these can be great for a night around a backyard fire.

  1. Zinfandel: With flavors of ripe berries, spice, and a hint of pepper, Zinfandel is an American favorite that pairs exceptionally well with smoky, grilled meats. Its bold profile can stand up to the tangy flavors of barbecued ribs or a juicy burger straight off the grill.
  2. Malbec: Malbec is a crowd-pleasing red wine with a velvety texture. Its dark fruit flavors, such as plum and blackberry, along with hints of cocoa and spice, make it an excellent companion for grilled steak or lamb chops.
  3. Cabernet Sauvignon: Despite being a popular choice for cooler months, Cabernet Sauvignon can still shine during a summer BBQ. Its full-bodied nature and notes of blackberry and spice make it an excellent companion for grilled meats. The bold tannins and intensity of Cabernet Sauvignon can stand up to the rich flavors of a perfectly charred steak or a juicy rack of ribs. We recommend a bottle of our Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon for your next party!

Perfect Wine for Your Next Backyard BBQ

As you gear up for your next backyard BBQ, remember to elevate your culinary experience with the perfect summer wines. From a refreshing glass of rosé and cool white wines to the richness of reds, there’s a wine for everyone and every grilled dish. So grab your favorite bottle, fire up the grill, and enjoy the flavors of summer!