Vineyard notes:
We source our Malbec from a vineyard on the east side of Paso Robles in the Estrella District. Malbec grows well in the warm climate of this district. Sandy loam soils help for good water drainage.

The 2021 growing season was very typical through early spring with warm days and cool nights.  Early summer through harvest gave us some unexpected heatwaves but plenty of marine breezes and mild weather prevailed. The result was a slight delay of harvest while we waited for acidity, pH and brix to balance creating mature flavors.

Winemaking Notes:
After harvest, the Malbec was fermented in stainless-steel tanks for 10-14 days. Extended macerations and carefully managed pump overs enhanced the extraction of color and tannin. The Malbec was aged for 9 months in neutral American and French Oak. The lots were racked only once during its cellar life, with the final racking occurring to blend, just prior to filtering and bottling in mid-July of 2022.

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    Paso Robles

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