Vineyard Notes:

The 2021 growing season was very typical through early spring. Early summer through harvest gave us some unexpected heatwaves but plenty of mild weather in between resulting in a slight delay of harvest but mature fruit and flavors.

Winemaker Notes:

Austin Hope Rosé was produced using the direct pressing and saignée methods. With direct pressing, individual lots of grapes were pressed whole cluster with no maceration time and racked clean, while saignée removed juice immediately following a gentle crushing of the berries. With good timing, both juices have an incredibly light pink color. The juice from these grapes were then fermented separately, by varietal, in 100% stainless steel tanks and barrels. The wine stayed in the stainless vessels for the entirety of aging, with a small portion aged sur lie, before the final blend was assembled in late January of 2022. The wine was gently crossflow filtered before bottling.

  • Vintage


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  • Appellation

    Paso Robles

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black and white image of grapes