Austin Hope Mourvedre 2019

This robust wine has wonderful herbaceous notes that are sweetened with fresh blackberry and dried red currents and cherries.  On the palate, hints of fresh leather and clove blend with undertones of dark chocolate and dark fruit. This full-bodied wine finishes with hearty smooth tannins that linger.

Vineyard Notes: 2019 was a challenging growing season. Above average rainfall persisted throughout the spring with the last rainfall occurring May 31st. These conditions kept the spring free of frost threats but relatively cool, leading to slow vine growth. The cooler weather also delayed fruit development. The summer months were somewhat erratic with short heat waves followed by cooler periods. Ultimately, the cooler weather persisted with only a few autumn heat spikes, leading to slower berry maturities and a later harvest. Mid- late October brought overnight freezes which required some harvest mitigation, but by early November harvest was complete.

Winemaker Notes:  Clone 369 (France) and 233 (France) Mourvèdre Grapes were hand-picked and fermented in five-ton, open-top tanks. After daily pump-overs (for color and tannin extraction) for 10 days, the tanks were tasted and analyzed for their tannin and structure to determine the length of extended maceration. The wines were held on their skins for an additional 30 days before they were barreled down into 50% new and 50% once used French oak barrels where they aged for 13 months. The Mourvèdre was racked once during aging and a second time to create the final blend just prior to bottling in January of 2021.

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    Paso Robles

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