Vineyard  Notes:

In 2020, we embarked on a journey in the vineyard; A move toward Regenerative Farming with a concentration on soil health. With that, we applied high quality compost to improve the soil tilth. Cover crops were planted and no herbicides were applied. The 2020 early growing season was near normal. Rainfall occurred mainly in early winter and early spring and seasonal totals were just below average. Vine growth and berry development was typical through spring. Summer brought unusual heatwaves which slowed berry development, keeping them small with a desirable skin to juice ratio. October was warm and dry, aiding in fruit maturity. Harvest was condensed as most Paso Robles Cabernet ripened at the same time with ideal color and flavors.

Winemaker Notes:

Grenache clones from France (362 and 513), including the Tablas Creek Vineyard Selection (Beaucastel CDP France via Paso Robles), Syrah clone 470 (Garonne, France), and Mourvèdre clone 369 (Spain via France) were hand-picked and fermented in five-ton, open-top tanks separated by varietal and vineyard block. After daily pump-overs (for color and tannin extraction) for 10 days, the tanks were tasted and analyzed for their tannin and structure to determine the length of extended maceration. The wines were held on their skins for an additional 15-20 days before they were barreled down into 100% once used French oak barrels where they aged for 10 months. After creation of the blend in summer 2021, the wine aged for an additional six months in 100% new French Oak before being racked just prior to bottling in January of 2022.

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    Paso Robles

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