Vineyard Notes:

Our Estate Grenache is grown in the Templeton Gap district, which is near perfect conditions for the varietal; Warm days, cool nights and afternoon spring and summer breezes with some maritime influence from the Pacific Ocean, just 22 miles away. Soils are clay-based but integrated with small, water worn limestone deposits that helps to keep the soil well-drained. Grenache is the most planted varietal on the Estate with several small blocks planted to a many clonal selections. Relatively flat, these vineyard blocks gently slope north. The main trellis system is a vertical shoot position except for Block 6B which is vertically head trained. Plant spacings are tight at, 5’ x5’, 6’ x 4’ and 6’ x 3’, which accommodates more plants per acre, thus allowing each plant to produce less fruit with concentrated color and flavors.

Winemaking Notes

Four Grenache clones were used in the 2019 blend: Tinta Clone 01 (Spain), Clone 362 (France), and Clone 513 (France) and Tablas Creek Vineyard Selection (Beaucastel CDP France via Paso Robles). The grapes were hand-picked and fermented separately by vineyard block in five-ton, open-top tanks. After daily pump-overs (for color and tannin extraction) for 10 days, the tanks were tasted and analyzed for their tannin and structure to determine the length of extended maceration. The wines were held on their skins for an additional 15-30 days before they were barreled down into 55% new and 45% once used French oak barrels where they aged for 14 months. The Grenache was racked once during aging and a second time to create the final blend just prior to bottling in January of 2021.

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    Paso Robles

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