What Happens During Harvest Month in Paso Robles?

harvest month paso robles

Harvest month in Paso Robles occurs during October of every year. It’s the time of year when the grapes have fully matured and are ready to be picked and put into production. The vineyards and wineries of Paso Robles put on a variety of different events and activities to help celebrate all the hard work that was done over the course of the year.

Just like any other farmer, winemakers must rely on grapes in order to produce their product. Grape vines are typically planted during the late winter/early spring with the intention of harvesting them between late August and October. During these times the winemakers must ensure that their grape vines are getting the appropriate amount of nutrients from the soil, sunlight, and water in order to grow to the standards they are looking for.

Once the grapes have reached the desired maturity level, the grapes are harvested and are ready to being the wine making process.

Paso Robles Harvest Month

Being a town centered around winemaking and wineries, Paso Robles loves to celebrate the fall harvest through the entire month of October. This gives everyone a chance celebrate all the hard work that has been done throughout the year, and to celebrate the next step in the winemaking process.

Paso Robles wineries and businesses celebrate all month long by putting on over 100 different events and activities.

Events range from live music performances and concerts to special tastings and dinners. You’ll find just about everything happening as the town really comes to life during harvest month.

In the past, Paso used to only celebrate the harvest with events happening the last weekend in October, but due to the overwhelming popularity of the event, and the number of participants, it has now evolved into a monthlong celebration, and fall is the perfect time.

With the cooler weather and the beautiful colors popping up all over the region, fall is one of the most popular times to visit Paso Robles. You’ll find that the beautiful landscapes and scenery transform into something even more beautiful as we move out of summer and into the cooler months.

As the temperature begins to cool down, you’ll find it more relaxing and enjoyable to sit outside and sip on your favorite wines from the region, without having to worry about overheating or sweating through your clothes.

Harvest month is a great time to visit Paso Robles if you’ve never been, or if you’re looking to come back to wine country. With all of the events going on and all the activities, the whole month of October is packed full of entertainment.

Paso really comes alive during harvest month and for good reason. The whole town has worked hard to get to this point and once the harvest is complete, the wine making process can start!

Harvest Month at Hope Family Wines

While Hope Family Wines is not offering any specific harvest month activities or events this year, we are continuing to offer our Ultimate Cab Lover’s Tasting.

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